Stage Designer 50 Controller

The Chauvet Stage designer 50 (SD-50) 10U rack mount controller is a fairly versatile unit capable of controlling 48 DMX channels and is ideal for controlling conventional dimmers and LED wash fixtures.

The console is fully patchable allowing for the flexabilty to optimize the pages and can be operated as a twelve channel two scene preset or a twenty four channel single scene controller. Both modes feature two pages each, if desired. Using the second page doubles control to 24 channels two scene preset or 48 channels in single scene mode.

The console will do either smooth dipless cross fades or split fades or can be operated with two submasters giving a great deal of control flexibilty. Fade time can be controlled.

Alternatively, the console can run in memory mode with 96 stored scenes. Each scene can hold a thousand steps to execute complex chases. Chase speed and chase rate are also fully controllable. Chase can also synch to audio as well.

The console also features both full on and blackout buttons on all channels and each channel has a bump button.

The Stage Designer 50 is a real workhorse console that fits the bill for many events.



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