Socapex Wiring Diagrams

Part Numbers:
Male Panel Mount: SL D EME 419 AR
Female Panel Mount: SL GD EF 419 AR
Male Cable: SL GD FMD 419 AR
Female Cable: SL GD FFDR 419 AR
Cable diameter: 15 - 24 mm

Cable Specifications:
1K: 16/14
1.5K: 14/14
2K: 12/14
Break in/out: 12/3

120 Volt Non Dim: NEMA 5-20 or NEMA L5-20
120 Volt Dimmed: NEMA L5-20 or Bates 2P+G
208 Volt Non Dim: NEMA L6-20
Break In/Break Out Diagram
Pin No. Circuit Color
1 1 Black
2 White
13 Green
3 2 Black
4 White
14 Green
5 3 Black
6 White
15 Green
7 4 Black
8 White
16 Green
9 5 Black
10 White
17 Green
11 6 Black
12 White
18 Green
19   N/C
Cable Diagram
Pin No. Circuit Color
1 1  
3 2  
5 3  
7 4  
9 5  
11 6  
13 GND  
14 Bond
19   N/C

Socapex cables came to the entertainment industry circa 1991 and were (and are) hugely popular delivering six individual 20-ampere circuits in one rugged cable assembly. Cables can be built in any convenient length, each with mating cable ends. They can work with either 125 or 250-volt circuits depending on the needed application. Breakouts (male soca to female connectors or female soca to male connectors) are readily available in parallel blade Edison, stage pin, L5-20 125 volt configurations and L6-20 250 volt configurations and within voltage classes can be mixed or matched as needed. Panel mount connectors are commonly found on dimmer racks and power distros as well as on PAR Bars and powered truss sections. Socapex cables can significantly reduce load in and load out effort where prewired situations exist. Orginally (and still is) Socapex was a brand of Amphenol , however a number of generic equivalents are available in the market. The furnished wiring diagrams illustrate the normal wiring connections for standard compatibility.

In situations where socapex useage involves a mix of voltages or connectors, care must be taken to avoid cross connecting inappropriately which could result in damage to equipment or harm to personnel!

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