Chauvet Obey 70
Chase Schedule

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Chase Bank Scene Behavior

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Purpose This worksheet is used to document the configuration of Obey 70 steps in chases. Memory bank assignments are documented in the associated bank schedule. Fixture settings for each scene are documented in the associated scene schedule.
Architecture The Chauvet Obey 70 features six programmed chases. Each chase can be up to 240 steps. Each step consists of the combination of a bank and a scene. Scenes can be used in multiple chases or repeated in chase patterns as needed. Chases can be cascaded. Chase speed and Fade time is controlled at run time by manual faders.
Process A chase is a sequenced collection of scenes. Start by selecting a chase by tapping on chase button [1] though [6]. Next tap [BANK UP] or [BANK DOWN] until desired bank is displayed. Next tap scene button [1] through [8] to select scene. Finally tap [ADD] button. Lights will flash indicating the scene has been added to the end of the chase.
Printing For best results, set printer to only print page one unless you need copies of these instructions.
Event This block can be used to describe the event.
Start Date This block can be used to indicate date when programming needs to be ready in the controller.
End Date This block can be used to indicate date when controller will be available for the next event.
Chase Indicate chase 1 through 6.
Bank Indicate Page 1 through 30.
Scene Indicate Scene 1 through 8.
Behavior Specify expected behavior for this step in the chase (e.g. red wash, blue wash, green wash) in general terms. Specific behavior will be documented in the Scene Shedule.