Chauvet Obey 10
Fixture Schedule

obey 10
EVENT   Start Date   End Date  


BUILD Universe   Dmx Assignment   Fixture Assignment  

Page Fader Function CM CR CP
A 1        
B 9        
CP: Channel Patch (physical channel)
CR: Channel Reverse (N = normal, Y = Reversed)
CM: Channel Mode (N = normal dimmer mode, Y = switched mode )

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Purpose This worksheet documents the function of each channel for each fixture.
Architecture Each Chauvet Obey 10 fixtures has sixteen DMX channels divided into Page A (channels 1-8) and Page B (channels 9-16). Channels can be patched, reversed, and can switch from variable to switched output.
Printing For best results, set printer to only print page one unless you need copies of these instructions.
Event This block can be used to describe the event.
Start Date This block can be used to indicate date when fixtures need to be ready.
End Date This block can be used to indicate date when fixtures will be available for the next event.
Fixture Type Specify what type of device is physically mapped to this fixture.
Universe DMX is divided into universes of 512 channels. Indicate which universe this controller is managing.
DMX Assignment Specifies the starting DMX address for this fixture. In the chart below, mark unused channels 'N/A'. While it might be possible to "stack" more than one device on a fixture it isn't practical in operation.
Fixture Assignment Specify the which controller fixture the fixture is assigned to.
Function Specify the control function for this channel. You can also annotate additional useful information e.g. 0-20 off, 21-127 forward rot, 128-255 reverse rot. as desired
CM Channel Mode: leave blank or mark 'N' to indicate normal dimmer mode or mark 'Y' to indicate switched (on/off) mode.
CR Channel Reverse: Reversing can be used to make fixture actions more convenient so that 0 becomes 255 and 255 becomes 0. Leave blank or mark 'N' to indicate normal fader direction or mark 'Y' to indicate reversed fader direction.
CP Channel Patch: Some fixtures may have features on different channels form others, for example Gobo on 6 on one type, but on 7 on another. Patching allows the operator to reassign channel 6 to 7 and 7 to 6 in order to line them up. Note that the value to be entered is the actual DMX address to be patched.