Chauvet Stage Designer 50
Two Scene Controller Schedule

designer 50
EVENT   Start   End  

BUILD Universe   Dmx Range 1—12

12 Channel Two Scene Preset

DMX Fader Fixture/Function
1 1  
2 2  
3 3  
4 4  
5 5  
6 6  
7 7  
8 8  
9 9  
10 10  
11 11  
12 12  

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Purpose This worksheet is used to document fader to fixture assignments when the Stage Designer 50 is used in the twelve channel, two scene preset mode.
Architecture The Chauvet Stage Designer 50 can be selected to operate in two scene preset mode controlling 12 DMX channels. When operated in this mode, the upper bank of faders is preset A and is controlled by submaster A, the lower bank is preset B and is controlled by submaster B. Sub A increases when pushed up, Sub B increases when pushed down. A crossfade occurs by simply moving both together in the same direction. When the crossfader is up, the lower bank can be preset, when down, the upper bank can be preset.
Printing For best results, set printer to only print page one unless you need copies of these instructions.
Event This block can be used to describe the event.
Start Date This block can be used to indicate date when fixtures need to be ready.
End Date This block can be used to indicate date when fixtures will be available for the next event.
Universe DMX is divided into universes of 512 channels. Indicate which universe this controller will manage.
DMX Range Specifies the DMX range used on this universe.
DMX Channel Indicates the DMX channel to assign to the fixture start address. For multi-channel fixtures, block out the rest of the channels used by the fixture.
Fader Indicates the fader number that controls this feature of the fixture.
Function Describe how this fader affects the 'look' e.g. Stage Left Red Wash and/or the fixture assigned to this fader.